iBreathalyzer NESS
Connect via Bluetooth


Tiny-size. Can be put on your keychain, you don’t have to remember to take it.


Calibrates itself by the cloud server, keeping it always accurate.

DIY functions

Choose several functions and set as Quick-run.
Change your NESS into a smart button.

Health Monitoring

Collecting data and form a graph about alcohol metabolization to let you get to know you body better.

Group Function

You can create your own group and share testing results with other group members.


Charge your NESS for an hour, and it can test for 130 times.

iOS&Android APP

Turn your smartphone into a smart breathalyzer!

This is the most innovative idea to check the alcohol level by your smartphone. NESS can also record the results, share the information with others, and help you when you’re totally intoxicated. NESS can be used for personal, family, workplace, driver supervision, even alcoholics who want to stop drinking.


Alcohol Monitoring System

For some industries like fleets, drivers must be sober when driving, but it is hard for managers to supervise them. We don’t have an effective solution to avoid and solve the risks in time, until NESS&AMS comes.

NESS is a portable device which drivers can bring it along conveniently. NESS has blowing and facial recognition, a picture will be captured automatically when blowing detected. So there is no way for cheating.

With AMS, manager can set up a testing schedule for drivers, and check the testing records on both smartphone and PC dashboard. When there is a violation, the manager will receive a notification on the phone, and follow up the case in time. And the manager can send testing requests to the drivers anytime, for random checking.


NESS for Families

Convenient and reliable alcohol monitoring with blowing and facial recognition technology. Real-time results sharing with family members to ensure everyone stay safe.

NESS for Alcoholics

NESS is a perfect accessibility tool for alcoholics who want to stop drinking. Customizing your own group, adding friends or someone who also want to stop drinking, that’s all. Every group member can see the results of others and how many days they stay sober, to help and encourage eachother.



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