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Technics SL-1200G Review and Comparison with SL-1200GR

Thanks to everybody who despatched a pleasant suggestions on Technics SL-1210GR. It has proved to be one in every of our most popular articles and I needed to comply with the subsequent mannequin SL-1200G. I want to thank Doug Brady Hello-Fi for helping us make this assessment. I purchased a turntable evaluation right here at a substantial value, however they have been generous enough to offer a discount that helped me deliver this criticism. I don’t earn rewards for this point out or for the next purchases, however I really feel it’s just truthful to provide credit if it needs to be paid.

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Sl 1200g from above

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SL-1200G (and restricted version SL-1200GAE, restricted to 1200 models) was a short-lived new flagship of the Technics brand, launched in 2016, and enthusiasm for a lot of, together with itself, and it launched with Technics The legendary SL-1200 collection of direct-play turntables, recognized everywhere in the world for his or her reliability, flawless reliability, class-leading velocity, and in fact top-n sound quality, whether in the Technics camp or you consider that the advertising hype surrounds many (supposedly inferior) audiophilic deals that (typically successfully) tried to disrupt Technics throughout their flourishing, the legacy of 1200G has not been disputed.

Most of this legacy comes out alone; a SL-1200G and all later are repetitions with aesthetic tribute to earlier generations. This has proved to be Technics' controversial choice, with many praising the new "desk know-how, but nonetheless many question why a report player that looks just like the 1970s design requires a demanding reward. In actuality, despite the basic seems to be and usability, not one of the new Technics models match anything Along with the dust cover, they don’t have any elements as a result of they have produced over three million models, so the tools have been too worn to supply an previous SL-1200 meeting.

A Ground-Up Redesign

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Sl 1200g prime view Open lid

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SL-1200G's construction begins with a brand new 9-pole, stepless DC motor with two floor rotors rotating whereas eradicating tooth, which is a rotating irregularity that may typically be felt (or hear) as small clamps or "bumps" when everlasting magnets work together with stator coils, often wounds, whereas overlapping flat coil coils resist the surface of every magnet, on this twin rotor meeting. The engine is totally maintenance-free because of new self-lubricating, saturated metallic bearings [1 9659002] The Coreless motor additionally brings vital improvements to acceleration and deceleration, because of low electrical inductance, smoother rotation and minimal electromagnetic interference, which is particularly fascinating when the engine is placed instantly underneath the phono cartridge. Coreless motors may also react to voltage modifications a lot quicker than a standard engine and are extra electronically environment friendly in operation. “The supporters of other products forestall customers who may otherwise contemplate a direct disk participant. Whereas it’s definitely true that previous Technics generations might by some means be hooked, it is so small that it isn’t significant and should undoubtedly be exceptional. The objective proof that the earlier era 1200 hook is audible is skinny. All the eccentricities of data, discs, bearings and different key elements are significantly larger than any dangerous results of the Technics engine, previous or new, adhesion charges.

Nevertheless, these are all areas where the SL-1200G improves and a lot. The plate is a three-layer composite rubber, forged aluminum and brass, and is dynamically balanced with an entire rotation stability and excessive inertia mass that exceeds SP10 MK2, with a delicate rubber mat just like the one before. The plate is inert, and the boxing sheath produces a lifeless “thick” even with no carpet. There can’t be extreme play here

<img data-attachment-id = "1581" data-permalink = " -sl-1200gr / sl-1200g-top-view-of-platter-no-mat / "data-orig-file =" / 2019/06 /SL-1200G-Top-view-of-platter-no-mat-.jpg?fit=4032%2C3024&ssl=1 "data-orig-size =" 4032,3024 "data-comments-opens =" ​​1 "knowledge image-meta = "" hole ":" 1.Eight "," credit ":" "," digital camera ":" iPhone 8 Plus "," caption ":" "," create_timestamp ":" 1560100312 "," copyright ": "", "focal_length": "3.99", "massive": "100", "shutter_speed": "0.076923076923077", "title": "", "path": "1" "data-image title =" Sl 1200g top view dish no mat "data-image-description ="

Sl 1200g from prime plate no mat

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The new engine and dish design has been updated with electronics, now managed by software with a precise reference clock and optical rotating positioning sensors beneath the engine, and a decisive aperture is exactly defined on the manufacturing unit.

Cupboard is a four-layer construction, comprising a hairline that is treated and an aluminum shell molded on the prime of a 10 mm aluminum plate, a BMC (bulkhead, just like TNRC), and a heavy casting, leading to an acoustically inert cabinet with distinctive vibration management and wonderful insulation from external influences. And despite the fact that the previous Technics skilled the battle tank fastened, the brand new machine feels it to a brand new degree.

Plate to additional enhance isolation I used to be sitting on a four-foot forged zinc with silicone insulators that utterly isolates the three-dimensional turntable, which makes all of it however resistant to the consequences of external vibration and suggestions. The limited version SL-1200GAE legs used a barely totally different silicon composite, however the differences between the 2 have been questionable.


<img data-attachment-id = "1573" permalink = " -close-up-of-arm / "data-orig-file =" https: // -of-arm-.jpg? fit = 4032% 2C3024 & ssl = 1 "data- orig-size =" 4032,3024 "data-comments-opens =" ​​1 "data-image-meta =" "gap": "1.Eight", "credit score": "", "digital camera": "iPhone Eight Plus" "caption": "", "created_timestamp": "1560100298", "copyright": "", "FOCAL_LENGTH": "three.99", "huge": "100", "shutter_speed": "+0,076923076923077", "title": "", "orientation": "6" "data-image-title =" Sl 1200g shut up " -image-description = "

Slip Up 1200g

"data-medium-file =" = 300% 2C225 & ssl = 1 "data-large-file =" of- arm-.jpg? match = 1024% 2C768 & ssl = 1 "src =" of-arm -.jpg? resize = 300% 2C225 & ssl = 1 "alt =" Sl 1200g Close up "width =" 300 "height =" 225 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1573 "recalc-Dims =" 1 "/>

Now we go to the arm, which is another topic of the dispute, some say that the arm is far worse than the rest of the duvet, and it have to be instantly destroyed by the audiophile. just like the size of the previous SL-1200

and so is the claim that is typically made to the arm is identical as the SL-1200M5G. Along with aesthetics, the arms have little in widespread. The swivel bearings are extra correct than ever earlier than the new shear bearing housings. and infinite zero.5 MG friction ranges, and though it might look normal, the S-shaped stem tube is manufactured from ultra-light chilly drawn magnesium (or low alloys a minimum of) chosen for the pure damping traits which make it a great material to arm [19659002Anti-skateonedelleenjousellajokaonsäädettysäätimelläjokaonmitoitettu01grammanväleinseurantavoimaasettaaperinteinenTechnics-vastapainojavarsionedelleenstaattinentasapainoinenmikätarkoittaaettäpainopisteonpyörimisakselillajaniinedelleenseurantavoimapysyyyhtenäisenäkunvarsijäljet​​tallentavatloimi-taivinyylilevyjäjoidenpaksuusonvaihteleva[19659002] The straightforward reality is that the SL-1200G: reads hooked up to the arm could be very competent. Actually, it’s as snug as another report participant. It matches properly with a wide range of cartridges and has a neutral, trustworthy sound that matches the unique materials and the used cartridge. I feel that altering the arm will match the sound only to realize the specified shade tone or match a specific cartridge, and won’t provide an enchancment to the already installed wonderful unit.

Detachable essential shelf, elective counterweights and helicoidal VTA management are additionally maintained. The one minor grip right here is that the lowest level on which the stem could be set is larger than the older fashions, and that signifies that the arm cannot be low enough to be parallel to the document when a 17 mm cartridge is used or so. This isn’t buying and selling and is definitely repaired by staining the cartridge or putting in a thicker mat. I exploit an LP Gear HD case with AT33PTG / II, and a colored cartridge using a 3mm acrylic sheet that took the cartridge to the best peak to take a seat in parallel with the VTA within the zero position. As well as, adjusting the VTA solely adjusts the angle of inclination of the pen that modifications with the monitoring drive. So if the monitoring energy is true, VTA control just isn’t as essential as many want to consider.

The provided headshell intently resembles what Technics has been offering for decades, and there are countless clones obtainable for very little cash. Nevertheless, the enclosures provided with the new fashions included gold-plated contact pins and adjustable azimuth underneath a small screw. It feels a bit obscure given the worth and high quality of the duvet, and it’s the only box item that I recommend to think about upgrading to get-gos.

Only the cueing mechanism seems to have been somewhat diminished. It really works nice, nevertheless it feels more sensitive than before when the playground has more play. It is still absolutely adjustable via a screw and is factory-set to a peak of 8-13 mm.

The wiring is OFC copper and ends with brass and gold plated phono plugs beneath the arm. Additionally the ground bolt and IEC connector for energy, so the SL-1200 is not related to the cables. The field has correct RCA and grounding connections and IEC wires

<img data-attachment-id = "1576" data-permalink = " 1200g-review-Compare- with-sl-1200gr / sl-1200g-front-view / "data-orig-file =" 2019/06 / SL- 1200G-Front-view.jpg? Fit = 4005% 2C1910 & ssl = 1 "data-orig-size =" 4005,1910 "data-comments-opens =" ​​1 "data-image-meta =" "gap ":" 1.8 "," credit ":" "," digital camera ":" iPhone Eight Plus "," caption ":" "," create_timestamp ":" 1560100251 "," copyright ":" "," focal_length ":" three.99 "," huge ":" 100 "," shutter_speed ":" 0.076923076923077 "," title ":" "," course ":" 1 "" data-image-title = "Sl 1200g front view" -image -description = "

Sl 1200g

"data-medium-file =" 1 "data-large-file =" = 1 "src =" " alt = "Sl 1200g front view" width = "300" height = "143" class = "aligncenter medium-sized wp-image-1576" knowledge recalc-Dims = "1" /> [19659007] Power [19659008SL-1200GkäyttääkytkentätilanvirtalähdettäverrattunalineaariseenvirtalähteeseenjamuuntajaanjotakäytettiinaikaisemmissamalleissajasilläonuseitaetujaerityisestiseettäkaikkisähkömagneettisethäiriötjotkasaattavatvaikuttaakasettiinpoistuvatSeonmyöshiljainenitseasiassakuulostanionerityisenherkkäkorkeillataajuuksillajavoinkuullatavallistenjamuidenparhaillaantapahtuvienmonipuolistentoimintamelujenkytkentätilanvirtalähteetEnkuulenoTechnics;no-nonspreadsofthecleanthefullthefirstcompletedthefirstconnectorandthefireplayerofthedevicepowercurrentbatterypowerfirstmeasures

The overall upgrade to the older Technics models was a built-in power provide with an external unit. This was completed by a human remover brought on by the transformer, which the pen can decide up

This is proven within the clip under, which is stored in the Technics SL-1210 MK2 utilizing an Audio-Technica VM95SH Visitors Magnet with a turntable related and a pen set within the slot halfway by way of the fastened over the document.

Take note of the high noise (which is especially quiet (89dB) mannequin) and storage units brought on by the phono scene which was a studio-class interface with very low sound and converter steps. Additionally notice that I needed to normalize the file so you can also make the noise utterly. This exhibits that in reality this noise is so much under the surface noise of the document that it is unprecedented in regular use. And since it’s audible when SL-1200 is used in a dwelling setting with big sound techniques, it’s extremely unlikely that it will ever be an issue in the home surroundings. Even if the switching energy provide detected within the SL-1200G is under no circumstances dangerous and utterly eliminates this drawback.

Nevertheless, some don’t agree. There are already several upgrade energy sources on this turntable market that declare to offer less noise and better sound quality. Goal proof of supporting these claims is surprisingly thin. Suffice it to say that the facility supply of the new SL-1200 is greater than adequate. For my part, any alternative isn’t useful and may even degrade efficiency and compromise the looks and compact shape of the turntable.

In The Box

1200G comes with documentation, energy, RCA and floor cables and dust cover with hinges hooked up. You will also discover a superbly machined aluminum 45 adapter and the primary counterweights, each head, two auxiliary presses, some cassette clamps and oversize. We can’t overlook the dish itself and its traditional rubber mat. Briefly, 1200G comes with the whole lot you want to start recording, in addition to the cartridge and in fact the affirmation.

Set up

The installation is nothing greater than normal, except that the plate is now bolted instantly to 3 engine poles. That is completed with the three provided slot finish screws and leads to a really rigid and fastened connection between the plate and the motor.

You possibly can then set the cartridge on the primary shelf utilizing the provided output meter. I handled the Technics tonearm geometry intimately in my SL-1200GR and Unique SL-1200 critiques, so I gained't repeat here. Suffice it to say that the geometry is nothing flawed Technics is going to, and the output meter is a wonderfully suitable software for aligning your cartridge once you use it rigorously. You possibly can verify your projection by measuring the space between the tip of the pen and the rubber plate on the back of the case, the accuracy of which must be 52 mm.

Tracking and slip prevention settings are precisely the identical as earlier than when the again weight is calibrated to zero.04 grams. These two accessories can be used in addition to the primary counterweight to extend the load behind the arm, which permits heavier cartridges or heavier heads. Two further weights can be mixed to provide you more flexibility.

Unique Impressions

<img data-attachment-id = "1575" data-permalink = " -sl-1200g-review-Compare-with-sl-1200gr sl-1200g close-up button and selector knobs / "data-orig-file =" https: //i2.wp .com / / uploads / 2019/06 / SL- 1200G-close-of-start-button-and-selector-knobs-.jpg? Fit = 4032% 2C3024 & ssl = 1 "data-orig-size =" 4032,3024 "data-comments-opens =" ​​1 "knowledge -image-meta = "" hole ":" 1.8 "," credit score ":" "," digital camera ":" iPhone Eight plus "" caption ":" "," created_timestamp ":" 1560100287 "," copyright ": "", "FOCAL_LENGTH": "3.99", "massive": "100", "shutter_speed": "+zero,14285714285714", "title": "", "course": "1" "data-image- title = "Sl 1200g Closeup of the start button and selection buttons" data-image-description = "

Sl 1200g Begin Button And Selector Knobs

"data-medium-file =" selector-knobs-.jpg? match = 300% 2C225 & ssl = 1 "data-large-file =" 1200G close-up button and-selector-knobs-.jpg? Match = 1024% 2C768 & ssl = 1 "src =" content material / uploads / 2019/06 / SL-1200G Shut-up button and selector knobs-.jpg? resize = 300% 2C225 & ssl = 1 "alt =" Sl 1200g Shut-up of Begin Button and Selection Buttons "width =" 300 "height =" 225 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1575 "data-recalc-Dims = "1" />

1200G is understood immediately to all customers Earlier know-how recorders All the things works as expected with vital additions The simultaneous press of each velocity buttons now strikes to 78RPM with adjustable vary of ± 8% or ± 16% above the button. A number of choices o Establishing wider areas can be a welcome addition to those that play within the 78s, and would in all probability be carried out in a software update. The Reset button locks the velocity to exactly 33.3, 45, or 78 RPM and removes using a non-late fader " For the old "1200 generations" in the middle of the "zero".

The start / cease button is every time as thick as before and there’s a basic begin / Cease column with built-in strobe lighting. The 1200G has loads of blue mild regardless that the pop-up mild is white. The best way the target mild slowly rises from the plinth when the discharge button is pressed is absolutely nice and all the controllers give the turntable a top quality. In contrast to many high-end deals, this can be a report participant that basically doesn’t solely encourage the satisfaction of ownership but in addition the arrogance in its design and long-term reliability. It feels strong, perhaps much more than previous fashions; Lots of them are still wonderful after several many years of maintenance-free operation.

This hefty engine gets the vessel velocity in simply 0.7 seconds when the starting torque is three.3 KG / CM. Technics does not give precision to torque, but the cowl feels rather more "tightening" than the older era. That is in the automated mode, where the turntable controls the start and braking velocity and torque achieve routinely. If you want to attempt these settings, the change beneath the plate permits you to set the turntable to guide mode and modify these parameters using the Potentiometers, that are also situated beneath the dish. These settings are more likely to attraction mainly to those who use a turntable in a DJ or production state of affairs the place back-cueing or beat match is necessary. Hello-fi users can depart the duvet in automated mode as I do, the place it ensures the perfect efficiency without intervention.

<img data-attachment-id = "1574" data-permalink = "https: // www. -up-of-Slider-and-headshell / "data-orig-file =" https: // i1. -up-of-Slider-and-headshell.jpg? fit = 4032% 2C3024 & ssl = 1 "data-orig-size =" 4032,3024 "data-comments-opens =" ​​1 "data-image-meta =" " gap ":" 1.8 "," credit ":" "," digital camera ":" iPhone Eight Plus "," caption ":" "" created_timestamp ":" 1560100292 "," copyright ":" "," FOCAL_LENGTH ":" three.99 "," massive ":" 100 "," shutter_speed ":" +0,11111111111111 "," title ":" "," path ":" 1 "" data-image-title = "Sl 1200g Close slider and head hair "data-image-description ="

Sl 1200g Close slider and head

"data-medium-file =" jpg? match = 300% 2C225 & ssl = 1 "data-large-file =" -of-slider-and-headshell.jpg? match = 1024% 2C768 & ssl = 1 "src =" 1200G-Shut-up-of-Slider Yeti-and-headshell.jpg? Resize = 300% 2C225 & ssl = 1 "alt =" Sl 1200g Close slider and head to "width =" 300 "height =" 225 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1574 "data-recalc-Dims =" 1 "/>

Beneath the field is a USB port where you possibly can connect a USB flash drive to update the SL-1200G firmware. There are not any updates out there at the time of the evaluation (June 2018), however this can be a welcome nod to Technics's longevity. features, for instance, by holding down the Start button to disable lighting, areas, or maybe even 16RPM, regardless that I admit that a very small minority finds using the latter.


I’ve not offered SL-1200g velocity accuracy measurement Nevertheless, there are some errors in all check data, however I don’t have check knowledge with a margin of error of m high-performance SL-1200G performance. Additionally, check results are usually not stored in smartphone purposes that declare to measure the velocity of a dish utilizing a device accelerometer positioned in a rotating vessel. It’s because the load of the system in question can affect the stability of the plate and thus additionally the velocity itself, not to point out the potential influence on velocity detection and correction mechanisms. As well as, these measurements additionally rely upon the accuracy of the accelerometer, the analogue to digital conversion contained in the system and in fact the software program itself.

Nevertheless, considering that the SL-1200G is sweet enough to show the shortcomings of a batch of check data as an alternative of the other means spherical, we will conclude that the SL-1200G's velocity accuracy is superb and delightfully exhibits its high-price door, apart from Technics flagship SL-100R.

Weighted Rum (DIN-B) measures just as wonderful -73.46dB, which is again the benchmark for any normal


The sound of SL-1200G is troublesome to describe because it is principally neutral and your voice is subsequently to save lots of themselves. This can be a good thing. Through the years, some audiophiles have led to consider that turntable is crucial element within the audio chain. In fact, this is nonsense, and crucial element is the audio system and turntable and maybe the second. The position of the turntable is to permit the pen to track the monitor as precisely as attainable and to provide no sound of its own, but to play the contents of the disc faithfully. This Method performs exceptionally nicely and any aroma of its sound largely will depend on the cartridge used.

There are, nevertheless, a couple of options that can be described. First, the SL-1200G is quiet. And once I say quietly, I mean actually quiet; quiet, virtually CD-like. Audiophiles typically converse of a "black background" meant to describe the disclosure of microdata resulting from a system having a signal-to-noise ratio or a degree of music sign relative to any background noise degree. the system is particularly excessive. All elements play some noise during playback. A lot of the amplifiers within the elevator, although undoubtedly some greater than others, and the phono stage has some noise, because excessive levels of revenue are needed to boost the extent of the phono cartridge. Often, the turntable and disc noise are the most important elements, but the SL-1200G helps to shut the opening with a very low passage that may take you astonished if you hear it first.

It is then shocking that the second function of 1200G is microdata. These are small, virtually unknown details in a music that you simply feel greater than you hear. Fingering a finger on a ferret, for instance, looting musical notes or panda with a piano. Technics doesn’t convey them on the forefront (because it shouldn’t), nevertheless it lets you hear on the monitor and thus reveal the micro-details which might be quite shocking on the vinyl disc.

In fact, velocity stability is impeccable. The 1200G's sound is just not very robust and has the solidarity and power that makes it each an accurate however very satisfying listening.

SL-1200G Vs SL-1200GR / SL-1210GR

<img data-attachment-id = "1447" data-permalink = " -1210gr-turntable-review/silver-technics-turned-on-top-view/" knowledge -orig-tiedosto = " /03/Silver-technics-turned-on-top-view-.jpg?fit=4032 % 2C3024 & ssl = 1 "data-orig-size =" 4032,3024 "data-comments-opens =" ​​1 " data-image-meta =" "aukko": "1.8", "luotto": "", "kamera" ":" iPhone 8 Plus "," kuvateksti ":" "," create_timestamp ":" 1551891819 "," tekijänoikeus ":" "," focal_length ":" 3.99 "," iso ":" 100 "," shutter_speed ": "zero.25", "title": "", "orientaatio": "1" "data-image- title =" SL-1200GR päällä päälle "data-image-description ="

SL-1200GR on kytketty päälle ylhäältä katsottuna

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" src="" alt="SL-1200GR turned on prime view" width="300" height="225" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1447" data-recalc-dims="1"/>

Many have asked whether there is a vital distinction between the SL-1200G and SL-1200 / SL-1210GR. The reality is that the two turntables do sound comparable in some areas but vastly totally different in others. The SL-1200G is notably quieter, gives a lot better imaging, much more element and its sound is more uncoloured than that of the 1200GR, not that the sound of the 1200GR is particularly colored in comparison to similarly priced rivals. The 2 do sound comparable when it comes to pitch stability and in fact both are velocity accurate. I suppose one of the simplest ways to describe the difference in sound is that the SL-1200G is a extra ‘confident’ sounding turntable, more authoritative with a larger sense of scale and dimensionality which really does add to the overall musical image.

Construct high quality of the SL-1200G can also be higher, not that the GR provides cause for grievance on this area. Both are higher built than most rivals, however the SL-1200G actually does really feel every bit the premium product that it is. Perhaps the most important difference in feel is in the arm, the place the 1200G has a lightness and fluidity to its movement that’s in contrast to any of Technics’ previous models. It needs to be stated although that both are exceptional turntables, and do you have to select to own either model you’ll have your self an outstanding piece of kit which can present musical enjoyment for many years to return.

Summing Up

The SL-1200G is doubtless a triumph of engineering. Just like the SP10 within the late ‘60s, the SL-1200G has raised the bar and set new performance standards that ought to redefine expectations for what high-end vinyl playback ought to be. The SL-1200G brings genuine engineering developments to a remarkably reasonably priced (in the context of hi-fi) worth point. Have been the 1200G the product of a boutique manufacturer bearing a British or American badge, it will probably come at a price of a number of occasions its going worth, and yet whether the design and execution would come near what a big manufacturer comparable to Panasonic can obtain is questionable.

This is not the turntable for many who favour the delicate build, colored sound, old fashioned aesthetics or countless risk for tweaking as so typically seen within the mid to excessive finish. This is not a turntable that may require any number of ‘upgrades’ to sound its greatest.

This can be a turntable bought on efficiency, slightly than advertising hype or brand bias. This can be a turntable for many who need to take heed to music, relatively than hi-fi. It’s a turntable for many who need a turntable to color an correct sonic image, quite than one splashed with excessive colour. This can be a turntable for many who want high construct quality, and a turntable that may run upkeep free for decades to return. This can be a turntable that approaches the bounds of what vinyl as a medium can supply. And as such, it’s perhaps the final turntable many would wish.

It’s my view that in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the Japanese particularly have been making nice headway in advancing the vinyl format. With developments in pc control came better drive techniques and state-of-the-art tonearms. But the prominence of sure names (primarily British) offering models based mostly on designs that even then have been many years previous, and in fact bias within the press, ultimately led to the well-documented decline in vinyl to the purpose where the format very almost disappeared solely. Developments in vinyl have grown steadily since, but one does need to marvel the place the format can be now if issues had been totally different. As I stated in my SL-1200GR evaluation, it’s my hope that this time round we will put the snobbery behind us and as an alternative recognize that one of many largest names in vinyl replay is back on the scene, and making each effort to supply its best merchandise yet. The SL-1200G is a masterpiece. You owe it to your self to hear one.