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HEXO Plc reports the third quarter 2019 result

Key Highlights of the Third Quarter of 2019

  • HEXO continues to tax as much as $ 400 million in internet revenue tax in 2020 and doubles internet revenue in This fall 2019
  • Loans obtainable to BMO for as much as $ 65 million to finance ongoing enlargement and innovation initiatives .
  • 9,804 kg of dried hashish produced, an increase of 98 % in comparison with the previous quarter
  • 2.904 grams of grams and gram equivalents bought, a rise of eight % over the quarter
  • The variety of individuals more than doubled from 364 to 822.
  • First harvests in a new 1,000,000 sq. meter extension with HEXO's annual manufacturing capacity of 150,000 kg of dried cannabis
  • Secured 60,000 kilos of hemp for supply to the edible marketplace for CBD extraction and launch of HEXO in eight US states 2020

After the finish of the quarter:

  • Closing of the acquisition of Newstrike Brands Oy (“Newstrike”) on Might 24, 2019, which resulted in:
    • Acquisition of Acquired and Outstanding Shares of Newstrike Acquisitions
    • The elevated footprint of the production area is roughly 1.eight million sq. meters and the manufacturing and distribution area is 638,000 sq. meters
    • . kg of hashish dried when it’s absolutely useful
  • Appointment of Two Skilled Masters: Michael Monahan Chief Financial Officer and Donald Courtney Chief Operating Officer
  • A contract for the delivery of 200,000kg of hemp, to be delivered in 2020 to CBD extraction
  • Based by HEXO USA Inc.

] GATINEAU, Quebec, 12 June 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – HEXO Corp. (TSX: HEXO ; NYSE-A : HEXO ) Firm ”) reports financial outcomes for the third quarter of the monetary yr 2019 .

“Over the past five years, the landscape and company in the cannabis industry are developing significantly,” stated Sebastien St-Louis, CEO and founder of HEXO. “This development is constant at a tremendous pace, as HEXO is growing its production capability and significantly growing its stock, which contributes to our potential to satisfy demand and obtain sales and income targets. Our innovation, improvement and design staff has grown significantly earlier than the legalization of edible products, and now consists of 25 professionals with PhDs and in depth expertise in main shopper packaging corporations

”Throughout this quarter, HEXO remained on its method to $ 400 million in revenue in 2020 including the manufacturing of a primary crop of 1 million sq. meters. Increase and prepare to finance ongoing enlargement tasks and innovation initiatives by introducing a $ 65 million syndicated credit score. ”

HEXO confirmed its management staff by appointing Michael Monahan as Chief Financial Officer and Donald Courtney Chief Working Officer. HEXO continues to drive worth by way of its administration staff, which has expertise in several industries, guides and supports the firm.

HEXO just lately announced the expiry of the Newstrike contract. With the acquisition, HEXO Corp's capacity annually produces about 150,000 kg of high-quality cannabis with four manufacturing campuses. It also supplies the company with a diversified residence market penetration in mixed distribution agreements in eight provinces. The combined firm is estimated to deliver tens of millions of annual synergies, enabling HEXO to work more successfully with continuous commitment to excellence.

Management dialogue and analysis of the interval and related monetary statements and notes are available on the firm's profile at the SEDAR web site at and on its web site at .

Practical and Financial Highlights

MAIN FINANCIAL RESULTS (19659018) Abstract of the three-year period ended 30 April 2019 and 30 April 2018:

At the finish of three months [19659028] At the end of 9 months Revenue Assertion 30. April 2019 30. April 2018 30. April 19, 2018 $ $ $ Hashish Revenue 15,930 1,240 38,739 three,523 Excise Duties – (6,792 (6,792 (6,792 ) ] g 12,956 1,240 31,947 three,523 Further Revenue 61 170 – Gross margin before the truthful value adjustment 6,440 [19659058] 761 761 2,130 Gross margin 21832 2 666 40674 5,881 5,881 5,881 19659060] 24 056 5,319 64,580 13654 19659080] Loss of Exercise (19659045) (19249060) (2 653 ) (23 906 ) (7,773 ) Other Revenue / (e xpenses) [19659083] 682 (979 ) (5 058 ) 19659141] (1971 ) 24885 (12841 ) [19659031] At the End of Three Months Working Results 30. April 2019 31. January 2019 31. October 2018 avg. Gross Sales Worth for Dried Grams and Grams for Adults $ 5.29 $ 5.83 $ 5.45 5.45 utilizing adult dried grams and gram equivalents 2,759 2 537 [19659111] 952 gross selling worth of medically dried gram and gram equivalents $ 9.11 $ 9.15 $ 9.12 9.12 dried gram and gram equivalents 145 152 158 ] Complete Weights Made From Dried Gram Antibody 9,804 4,938 3,550 [1965918] ANNUAL REPORTS

  • Fourth-quarter Gross Revenue Elevated to over $ 11.84 x 15,930 in comparison with the similar quarter of 2018.
  • Complete Grownup Revenue Throughout the Three Months Ended April 30, 2019 exceeded complete revenue tax $ 2018 9,673 or 196%
  • Flower and different dry products represented 84% of the complete adult sales in the quarter, oil sales symbolize a 16% stability
  • New fiscal yr There are ancillary revenue associated with the supply contract with the CEO. This generated $ 61 in internet revenue throughout the quarter.
  • Operating loss declined by 68% quarter-on-quarter on account of an increase in the truthful worth adjustment of biological belongings. Licensing of 1 million sq. meters of B9 greenhouse gases


  • Using adults in grams and the variety of grams bought bought elevated by 9% to 2759 kg from the previous quarter, as the firm continues its present supply contracts.
  • During the quarter ending on 30 April 2019, the company generated approximately 9,804 kg of hashish, or 98% greater than in the earlier quarter. This is because of the larger output of 250,000 square meters of B6 plant and the first a whole lot of square meters of B9 greenhouse also during the quarter.
  • The corporate continues to rise by 108,000 kilograms of complete annual manufacturing capability. With a view to obtain this capability, economies of scale and manufacturing efficiency are being pursued


  • As a direct result of the firm's complete production and personnel necessities, progress was presently monumental. in the fourth quarter. In an effort to meet the needs of our 1 million sq. meter B9 plant and 579,000 sq. meters of excellence and to improve administration, product improvement and other operations, our employees grew by 30% to 120% to 822 staff. 2019 of the earlier quarter's personnel 374 on January 31, 2019. This is a rise of 685 staff or x5 on 30.4.2018.
  • Acquired by HEXO on Might 24, 2019 by means of the Newstrike acquisition


  • In April 2019, we found that the Gatineau campus has simply accomplished and licensed a 1 million sq. meter greenhouse in B9. This objective was achieved on time and in finances. This achievement was an essential step for the firm to continue its annual mixture with Newstrike's production capacity of 150,000 kg of hashish, and is getting ready to legalize edible foods and intensify hashish derivatives in the autumn of 2019.

FINANCIAL POSITION [19659002] April 30, 2019 held cash, cash and short-term investments of $ 173,604 and dealing capital of $ 219,120.

  • The company acquired a $ 65 million credit score line with CIBC and BMO. financial institutions. This consists of a $ 50 million fixed-term mortgage and a $ 15 million floating credit score line that is partly used to finance the ongoing enlargement of the Gatineau campus and the Belleville conversion middle without enhancing the shareholders of HEXO. 19659009] Summary of Results


    Q3 & # 39; 19 Q2 & # 39; 19 Q1 & # 39; 19 Q1 & # 39; 19 18 Q3 & # 39; 18
    ADULT-USE 19659261]
    Adult Use of Hashish Gross Income1 $ 14,607 $ 14792 $ 5,194,9253 5,194,959 [19659155] ] – $
    Grownup Prepared Duties (2741) 9659281]) (970 )
    Internet Revenue of Cannabis Use in Adults 11,866 ] 11 866 11 866] 12,205 4,224
    Dried grams and gram equivalents (kg) 2 537 952
    19659251] $ 5.29 $ [19659156] 5.83 $ 5.45 $ $ $ ] Internet Revenue / Gram of Grownup Use $ 4.30 $ four.81 four.81 ] $ 4.44 4.44
    Medical Hashish Income1 $ 1,323 $ $ ] $ 1,436 $ [19659164] 1,410 $ 1,240
    Medical Cannabis Excise Tax (233 ) (216 ) (19 )
    Medical Internet Hashish Result 1090 19659251] 1,171 1,392 1 19659155] 1,240
    Dried grams and gram equivalents 19659281] 152 158 134
    $ 9.11 $ 9.15 $ 9.12 ]
    Drugs internet result / gram equal $ 7.52 $ 7.73 $ eight.84 eight.84 [ $
    Further Income2 $ 61 61 61 $ [19659155] $ $
    Complete Income $ 13,017 [1965960] $ 13,438 $ 5,663 $ 1,410 $ 1 240
    1 Complete grownup use and hashish revenues symbolize sales under regular enterprise and are ex
    2 Revenue not included in the firm's main actions

    Internet revenue for the third quarter of 2019 increased to $ 13,017 from $ 1,240 for the similar interval in 2018. Growing grownup gross sales, the place the firm is implementing its first legalization in Canada. The quarter-on-quarter turnover was 91% of internet sales. Non-cannabis gross sales, which started in the first quarter of 2019, remained unchanged at $ 61 from $ 62 in the earlier quarter. These revenues are based mostly on the company's long-term partners


    As reported in previous quarter's administration discussions and analyzes, gross sales of adults remained relatively flat at $ 14,607 in three months ending 30 April 2019. This represents a slight lower of 1% in comparison with the previous quarter. Third-quarter product sales elevated by $ 13,367 in comparison with the similar monetary yr 2018 (together with medical gross sales solely during that interval) or 1.078% progress. That is the result of the firm's additional manufacturing capacity, which continues to be on the rise when the new 1 million sq. meter greenhouse in its first harvest in April 2019.

    The company's adult product sales in nine months ended April 30, 2019 at $ 34,593, which is $ 31,070 more than for a interval of 9 months, ending April 30, 2018, totaled $ three,523. The rise is just because of medical gross sales tax in 2018.

    Gross sales volume in the third quarter of 2019 increased by 9% to 2,759 kg from 2,537 kg sales in the second quarter of 2019 and elevated by 190% from 952 kg. in the first quarter of 2019. Dried flower and powdered products represented 84 % of the grams bought during the interval, 6 % more than in the second quarter of 2019, and gross sales of petroleum products, which included the stability of gross sales.

    Complete grownup revenue per gram decreased to $ 5.23 from $ 5.83, reflecting lower earnings and higher grams and gram equivalents. This displays the improve in gross sales of dry flowers in the product range during the quarter, leading to lower sales prices per gram. Using internet revenue per gram of adults decreased to $ 4.30 from $ 4.81 in the previous quarter, reflecting a consistent ($ 1.00) impression on turnover per gram of excise obligation. In the coming durations, when the gross sales combine goes to grease and different worth added merchandise which are value lower than the worth of the dignified dried flower merchandise, the influence of these excise duties per gram of income is predicted to decrease

    . gross sales have been realized by means of SQDC, the remaining 9% originated from Ontario and British Columbia by way of OCS and BCLDB

    As the firm begins to understand realized gross sales from the first crop of the B9 greenhouse in the fourth quarter of 2019


    Gross health care revenues over the three months ended April 30, 2019 increased by 7 % to $ 1,323 compared to $ 1,240 in 2000. Gram equivalents bought increased barely from 145 kg to 134 kg in the third quarter of 2018. Greater earnings have been resulting from an increase in oil gross sales, leading to greater earnings per gram, in comparison with dried gram sales. In comparison with the previous quarter, successive earnings declined by 5% from $ 1,387, reflecting decrease oil gross sales and a mixture of oil products under the common.

    The corporate completed a nine-month period ending 30 April 2019, which is a rise of 18 % from $ three,523 of gross medical gross sales over a comparable nine-month interval ending 30 April 2018. This improve was as a result of the above reasons.

    Internet healthcare internet revenue decreased by 7% and $ 1.090 throughout the quarter compared to Q2 2019 because of a basic decline in medical sales throughout the interval.

    Sales elevated from eight% to 145 kg compared to 134 kg last yr. Gross income from grams and grams fell to $ 9.11 in comparison with $ 9.24 in the earlier yr and $ 9.15 from the previous quarter. That is instantly as a consequence of an increase in sales of oil-based products, as the product vary purchased by clients continues to shift to non-smoking options.

    Value of gross sales, excise duties and truthful worth adjustments

    The cost of goods is bought including the direct and indirect prices of supplies and labor related to the bought inventory, together with harvesting, processing, packaging, delivery, depreciation and applicable stock-based compensation and overhead

    Truthful worth The adjustment for inventory disposal consists of truthful value.

    The truthful worth of biological belongings represents the improve or decrease in the truthful worth of the plant throughout the progress course of, much less costs anticipated to be accomplished and the selling costs, and consists of certain management estimates.

    Their three months ended nine months ended April 30, 2019 April 30, 2018 April 30, 2019 30. April 2018 Excise Obligation $ 2,974 – – – [19659091] $ [19659089] – Promoting costs 6,577 479 479
    • 1.393
  • Truthful Worth Adjustment for Disposal of inventories 4,665 four,665 4,665 572 9,072 9,072 2,419 Truthful value adjustment of biological belongings [19659143] (20,057 ) (2,477 ) (33,534 ) 19659338] $ (15,392 ) $ (1,905 ) $ 19659141])

    The gross sales value for the quarter ending April 30, 2019 was $ 6,577, compared to $ 479 for the similar quarter ending in 2018. Improve in sales prices as a result of a rise in the volume of legalized grownup gross sales. customers aren’t present in the comparability interval. The increase in conversion prices was additionally on account of the combination of oil and other value-added merchandise in the third quarter of 2018.

    During the 9 months ending April 30, 2019, sales prices rose to $ 15.905 from $ 1,393

    The truthful worth adjustment of stock sales during the third quarter ended 30 April 2019 was $ four,665 in comparison with $ 572 in the similar quarter ending 30.4 .2018. The variance is due to the increased sales volume of bought stock gross sales in comparison with the similar quarter in 2018. It was offset by the introduction of a market for adult use, with a decrease truthful worth per gram in comparison with a purely medical market-based strategy

    The truthful worth adjustment of organic belongings in the present quarter was $ 20,057 in comparison with the similar quarter (2,477) led to 2018. Thi s variance is because of a rise in the complete variety of crops and elevated yields in comparison with the reference period. Plant progress is due to a totally licensed 250,000 sq. meter greenhouse that began harvesting during the first quarter of 2019 and a 1 million sq. meter greenhouse in the quarter. This can result in a big improve in the anticipated gram yield in the quarter and an increase in production costs for the elevated production amenities. The size and progress of the plant as an entire are the result of the demand for adult markets.

    At the end of the 9 months, the truthful worth changes of inventories and biological belongings increased to $ 9,072 and ($ 33,534), respectively, from $ 2199 and ($ 6,169) for the similar period 2018 for the above reasons.

    The brand new tax 2019 is an excise tax related to new grownup revenue and medical sales born after October 17, 2018. These taxes have been $ 2,974, up 6% on the earlier quarter. sales volumes. This was offset by a quarter-on-quarter decline in sales based mostly on a product mix consisting of the sale of decrease priced dried flower prices. This lowered the gross margin before truthful value adjustments by about 9% during the quarter, according to a consecutive quarter. Excise duties are based mostly on fastened nation and regional costs based mostly on the gross sales in grams equivalent, and on a variable worth element that is determined by the selling worth of the merchandise.

    Working Expenses

    Three months ended At the finish of the 9 months 30. April 2019 30. April 2018 30. April 2019 30. April 2018 $ 10,495 $ 2,028 $ 23,572 $ 5,074 Advertising and Promotion 5122 [19659101 19659062] 21,671 four,528 Stock-based alternative eight 162 783 17,811 ] Depreciation of Property, Plant and Gear 140 163 ] 1,166 475 Depreciation of Intangible Belongings 137 243 243 243 19659219] 513 Complete $ 24,056 $ 5,319 $ 64,580 $ 13,654

    Operating costs embrace basic t and administrative bills, including research and improvement, advertising and promotion, share-based compensation and depreciation costs. Advertising and promotional prices embrace customer acquisition prices, buyer experience costs, advertising and promotional employees salaries, basic communications prices, and analysis and improvement prices. Common and administrative bills embrace administrative and managerial salaries as well as common company bills, together with authorized, insurance, and costs.


    Basic and administrative bills increased to $ 10,495 throughout the third quarter of 2019. In comparison with the similar interval, $ 2028 for the 2018 tax. This progress reflects the general progress of our operations, including an increase basically, monetary and administrative personnel by $ 2,965. New Belleville rental amenities led to $ 794 improve in product dealing with and conversion in addition to Belleville's location management department. Professional, itemizing and litigation costs elevated by $ 900 as a consequence of corporate improvement initiatives and elevated monetary reporting and management of TSX and NYSE-A public area. The increase in insurance coverage associated to business real property and managers and clerks increased by $ 1,836 as a consequence of an increase in the stability sheet of actual property, gear and gear and itemizing to NYSE-A.

    Over the 9 months ending April 30, 2019, basic and administrative expenses rose to $ 23,572 for $ 5,074 in the similar fiscal yr 2018 because of the general progress of the firm's operations for the similar reasons as above.

    The corporate expects common and administrative prices to increase during the next quarter, when the firm is ready and its present enlargement tasks shall be accomplished during the remainder of the yr. Analysis and improvement prices are anticipated to increase significantly in the fourth quarter of 2019 and will then broaden significantly in the yr 2020 when the company implements its innovation actions


    Advertising and promotion costs rose to $ 5,122 in the third quarter, in comparison with $ 2,102 at the similar time in 2012 . This displays the implementation of adult advertising and promotional events in the quarter when constructing brand recognition and establishing HEXO for the adult hashish market. This consists of larger employees and travel expenses, printing and promotional materials, and advertising costs. Throughout the fourth quarter, complete advertising and promotional costs elevated reasonably by 6% from $ 4,839, as a result of an additional advertising marketing campaign and branding efforts during the period. $ four.528 compared to the similar fiscal yr 2018. This vital improve displays the company's advertising and branding marketing campaign, which was primarily carried out during the first quarter of 2019, as we prepare for the launch of the adult HEXO brand for a legalized Canadian


    Share-based compensation increased to $ eight,162 compared to $ 783 at the similar time as the fiscal yr 2018. The rise depends on a rise in direct correlations with the company's increased personnel. The primary market prices of choices granted after the third quarter of 2018 have been significantly greater, which elevated the value worth per share choice during the evaluation period.

    A complete of 30, 2019 share-based compensation for the nine-month period ending in April rose to $ 17,811 from $ three,064 compared to the similar fiscal yr 2018 for the above causes.


    Depreciation of property, plant and gear fell slightly to $ 140 a quarter, in comparison with $ 163 in 2018 for the similar interval. The lower is because of activation of production gear and depreciation of buildings during the interval.

    Depreciation of property, plant and gear for the nine months ended 30 April 2019 elevated to $ 1,166 from $ 475 in comparison with the 2018 interval for the similar tax period as the direct result of newly built greenhouses and the acquired farm gear. In addition, cultivation and production gear was increased to help the firm's greater production necessities and scalability.


    Amortization of intangible belongings decreased to $137 in the quarter, in contrast with $243 for the similar period in fiscal 2018. The decrease is the result of the implementation of an inactive new ERP system which was solely put into use throughout the interval ended April 30, 2019. This technique is changing sure absolutely amortized software packages.

    Complete amortization of intangible belongings for the 9 months ended April 30, 2019 decreased to $360 from $513 as in comparison with the similar interval of fiscal 2018 for these reasons as outlined above.

    Loss from Operations

    Loss from operations for the third quarter was ($2,224), compared to ($2,653) for the similar period in fiscal 2018. The elevated operating bills because of the increasing scale of operations have been offset by greater revenues and elevated biological truthful worth adjustments as our production capability continues to extend.

    Other Revenue/Bills

    Different revenue/(expense) was ($5,527) for the three months ended April 30, 2019 compared to $682 in the similar period of fiscal 2018. Revaluation of monetary devices of ($1,121) in the newest quarter reflects the revaluation of an embedded by-product related to USD denominated warrants issued in the prior yr. Moreover, we had an unrealized truthful value loss on convertible notice receivable of ($4,117) in addition to an unrealized loss on a long term funding of ($277). Interest revenue of $1,242 was realized for the three months ended April 30, 2019 reflective of the interest generated from the increased cash holdings and the curiosity accrued on the convertible debentures and promissory word which was settled on April 30, 2019.

    Complete other revenue/(expense) was ($979) for the 9 months ended April 30, 2019 in comparison with ($5,068) of the similar period of fiscal 2018. The rise is primarily because of the $1,862 unrealized achieve on the convertible debenture which was issued in the first quarter of fiscal 2019. The loss because of revaluation of the financial devices decreased $645 when compared to the 9 months ended April 30, 2018 as a result of a lower in the remaining number of underlying warrants. Interest revenue increased $1,350 because of elevated money holdings, convertible observe curiosity and curiosity earned on a public safety investment.

    About HEXO Corp 
    HEXO Corp is an award-winning shopper packaged goods hashish company that creates and distributes progressive merchandise to serve the international hashish market. By means of its hub and spoke enterprise technique, HEXO Corp is partnering with Fortune 500 corporations, bringing its brand value, cannabinoid isolation know-how, licensed infrastructure and regulatory experience to established corporations, leveraging their distribution networks and capability. As considered one of the largest licensed cannabis corporations in Canada, HEXO Corp operates with 2.4 million sq. ft of amenities in Ontario and Quebec. The Firm can also be expanding internationally and has a foothold in Greece to determine a Eurozone processing, production and distribution centre. The Firm serves the Canadian adult-use markets underneath its HEXO Hashish and Up Hashish brands, and the medical market underneath HEXO medical cannabis. For more info please go to

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